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Our Monthly Plan
Annual Profile/Tech Fee - $189.00 
Monthly Access Fee - $9.95
Initial Payment - $198.95

Want to fix your own credit, but are still not sure DIY is for you? The Rocket plan is tailor-made for you. It gives you the opportunity to "kick the tires" before you decide to buy the car. You can renew every month for the low price of $9.95 and still take advantage all of the benefits has to offer! You're in control.

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Rocket Plus

Money-saving quarterly plan
Annual Profile/Tech Fee - $189.00  
Quarterly Access Fee - $23.85
Initial Payment - $212.85

Serious about getting your credit on the right track? Then this is the plan for you! Take the time you need to learn about credit and deal with the problems holding you back. Need more time? Simply, renew for another 3 months and save even more. If you don’t need as much time then renew for a monthly membership. You're in control.

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Plan Rocket Rocket Plus
Non-refundable Annual Profile/Technology Fee
Member Profile
Credit report interface
Dispute-based letter generation
Transaction tracking
Activity sensitive follow-up pend system
CreditHelper™ access
ActiTrakker™ access
Low monthly member access fee
Monthly classroom access
Full benefits access
Automatic Affiliate registration
Money saving quarterly access fee
Save over 20% with this plan
3-months access
Sufficient span of dispute communication time
More classroom study time
Better plan for the money*
Switch plans as desired
Renew as often as desired
Unlimited access per period